Perhaps this is how you're feeling... stressed, anxious, confused, anguished.

Maybe you're experiencing upheaval and shock, or the weight of a heavy burden.

Possibly you're facing an unexpected situation and find it difficult to focus on your goals.

Everyone has these experiences from time to time. Know that you are not alone.

Breathwork can help you gain a sense of well-being, calm, clarity and inner peace.

Following your breathwork, you will experience a knowing that something important is happening.

You may have feelings and sensations in your body. Your senses may be heightened. You will feel calm, peaceful and relaxed... and may experience more clarity.

Breathwork allows you to delve deeper into yourself to accelerate your consciousness and the truth of who you are and all you are capable of.

Based on your specific needs, we will create a customized plan. You'll be guided and instructed throughout your breath sessions to achieve the best possible outcome. While the focus is on breathwork, other processes may be added to enhance your experience. Breathwork is an ongoing process.

Breathwork has helped me work through my personal life struggles. It helps calm my active mind and release the stress and tension I encounter. Allowing myself to receive all the positive energy out there helps me to be a calmer person. My body feels super relaxed and has a very enjoyable tingly feeling after. Taking the time once a week to breathe, keeps me in tune with myself and forces me to take “me time”. As a busy mom, this helps keep me happy and balanced. I would highly recommend everyone giving being open to trying breathwork. It is life-changing.

Sue creates a very comfortable environment, I feel safe and at peace when breathing with her. Her calming energy makes for a great session. She is a very skilled individual who has knowledge in so many avenues and brings that to each session.

~ Happy Breather xo

Hi, I'm Suzanne Mardon

Breath Coach

Beginning in childhood I was very awake spiritually although I really did not understand it at the time. My passion was helping others in any manner that I could. After many jobs, I returned to school and then worked in the social work field. I spent 10 years in the developmental services field with a focus on behaviour therapy. Then I was a senior manager administering a program for high-conflict families. At the same time, I began to explore stress management, relaxation, intuition, consciousness, Qi gong, energy work, Reiki, meditation, and breathwork, further developing my abilities to be more present. As a Breath Coach, I am honoured to assist people on their journey, wherever they are, to tap into their true potential.

Skills: teaching, coaching, public speaking, Reiki Master, Qi-gong (healing sounds), Indian head massage therapy, Access consciousness; the bars, improving memory, stress management, relaxation, guided mediation, behaviour therapy, and psychic abilities, I have clear first-hand knowledge of the afterlife and I'm currently becoming certified as an Angel guide with Kyle Gray and as a teacher of Presence with Eckhart Tolle.

Suzanne Mardon

I have had Suzanne do my sessions for a few months now. I was skeptical at first because I didn’t know anything about breathwork. After she explained to me how it helped to change her life, she did a few sessions with me. I am now completely a firm believer that it works. I feel very calm, relaxed and rejuvenated.
~ Grateful Breather

My son and I have had the true pleasure of working with Suzanne over the past year. She is kind, caring, an avid listener, and non-judgmental, and her patience is mind-blowing! She is a true professional with all concerns. Don’t hesitate to call this true ray of light!!
~ Delighted Client

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